New Parents: Getting Life Insurance

Getting started and choosing the right life insurance for parents can be confusing. When I became a father, what started as just another to-do list of things quickly became more than that as I understood what life insurance really meant. Getting life insurance IS a parental responsibility. It is a product that offers you peace of mind (and most importantly) it should not be viewed as an investment.

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Return of Premium Term Life Insurance (ROP) vs. Term Life Insurance

When researching life insurance options at the highest level (Term vs Whole vs Universal), I learned of a policy within the Term family that caught my attention, a policy called Return of Premium Term Life Insurance (or ROP). I quickly got into my analysis mode and decided to compare the Standard Term vs. Return of Premium Term Life Insurance.

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New Parents: Year One Newborn Expenses

Before I became a parent, I researched a lot on how to financially support my family.  However, I had difficulty finding information with actual use cases on what my first year newborn expenses would be. This is why I planned over 12 months ago to write this post and create this blog. My hope is to answer questions you may have with actual use cases based on my real experiences.

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