Cash Flow Investing

When I refer to Cash Flow Investing, I include anything that produces regular cash distributions from my investment. Whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Examples are: Rental Real Estate, Dividends (always set to automatic reinvesting till I retire), interest from Savings/CDs/Bonds and Alternatives (limited investment into alternatives until product has been vetted through my investment experiments) and finally Side Businesses.

I started to get serious about wanting to build this part of my portfolio starting 2016. When I’m not at work or spending time with my family, I am researching and analyzing investment opportunities. I will be transparent and share with you exactly how I build my portfolio with the reasoning and lessons learned.

As someone who lived through the real estate crash, I fall victim of talking myself out of deals. Today, I am starting from scratch. I own no rental properties and no additional sources of income streams created. However, I’ve set a personal challenge to own my first rental property by 2018 and have at least 3 different categories of income streams by 2020.

Feedback is always welcome below!

Strategy: Investments held long term. Because of this, I care less about the amount of dollars invested and more about the return on investment (ROI).

Goal: To spend more time with my family. To not worry when spending money. To be financially free from being dependent on my corporate job by age 45.

Target: Create cash flow portfolio producing 120,000 in passive income (will change in time depending on how many kids I have and personal situation)

Cash Flow Investing Portfolio

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