2017 Cash Flow Investing

When I refer to Cash Flow Investing, I include anything that produces regular cash distributions from my investment. Whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Examples are: Rental Real Estate, Dividends (always set to automatic reinvesting till I retire), interest from Savings/CDs/Bonds and Alternatives (limited investment into alternatives until product has been vetted through my investment experiments) and finally Side Businesses.

When I’m not at work or spending time with my family, I am researching and analyzing investment opportunities. I will be transparent and share with you exactly how I build my portfolio with the reasoning and lessons learned. Feedback is always welcome below!

Strategy: Investments held long term. Because of this, I care less about the amount of dollars invested and more about the return on investment (ROI). Article on which metrics I use to analyze cash flow investments coming soon.

Goal: To spend more time with my family. To not worry when spending money. To be financially free from being dependent on my corporate job by age 45.

Target: Purchase 4 rental properties by 2020. Create cash flow portfolio producing 120,000 in passive income (will change in time depending on how many kids I have and personal situation)

Cash Flow Portfolio

coming soon

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